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Welcome to Seagrass! My artwork is inspired by a lifelong passion for the coast. Working from home, labradoodle Henry by my side, I sketch and digitally perfect my designs before passing them to a British company to be translated into quality printed products. I am blessed to live a short stroll from the beach on the tranquil Isle of Wight, and absolutely love what I do. I hope my designs make you smile.


Jo Thearle . Owner and Designer

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Why Seagrass?
Seagrass, the unsung hero of the seas, not only provides a habitat for native seahorses, fish, and other marine life, it also protects our shores from erosion whilst filtering and improving water quality. But, most impressively, Seagrass absorbs and converts carbon 35 times faster than the rainforest, providing a global benefit in reversing climate change.

Tragically, we have lost up to 92% of our seagrass in the last century. Pollution runoff from the land is harmful to marine plants and animals. Anchors, boat propellers and bad fishing practices have also made an impact. In addition, warming global temperatures make the seas more acidic, harming habitats on which may animals depend for food and shelter.

Find out more here ~ Project Seagrass
My commitment ~

I am dedicated to sustainable print and reducing my impact on the environment. I try to keep packaging to a minimum and ensure that I source eco-friendly products and materials.

Printing ~

My trusted card printing supplier,, are wholeheartedly committed to reducing their impact on the environment. From innovative packaging, reusing ink cartridges, and sourcing carbon-neutral and eco-friendly papers to minimising and recycling their waste, they are dedicated to doing good for the planet. In addition, they hold accreditations by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and ISO Quality Management, external regulatory bodies which hold them accountable to strict standards when it comes to environmental policies and procedures.

Jo Thearle . Owner and Designer Cowes . Isle of Wight